Small, but WOW!

Aleks Sado, born in Poland and based in Berlin since spring 2007.

When I was 15 I got my first analog camera and taught myself the basics of photography.

Four years later I took part in a small exhibition in Berlin called „ICHraum, ein SELBSportrait“.

It was a project presided by set designer Valerie von Stillfried. At the same time I had the opportunity to play a featured part at Schaubühne, a theatre in Berlin, where I met several actors and artists.

Hereby I took the chance to take portraits of my favorite actor Sebastian Schwarz behind the scenes. In Fall 2014 I began to learn professional photography and worked in a photo studio for three years. In that period I was also educated by Carl Finkbeiner, a renowned director of photography, who allowed me to cumulate some experience in the film business.

In July 2017 I finished my professional training with a degree in photography.

From there on I am striving to become bachelor of arts in communication design by studying at Art Academy Weißensee.